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Omegle and you

2010-03-16 01:34:32 by Rottenberry

Well I have learned first hand that strangers on Omegle should remain exactly that - STRANGERS. I met some random stranger from Omegle whose interests included weed and dick jokes and after learned that it was in fact a woman I went ahead and let her add me on facebook.

Turns out she was beastly looking, had an album full of manga, and now won't stop messaging me asking me to go on cam and telling me "[She's] covered in lube for me, honey muffin".

Moral of the story. Omegle is a strange place. And you should not disturb the strange inhabitants that dwell there. That is all.


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2010-03-18 05:58:40

Try ChatRoulette


2010-03-22 04:09:57

Pics or it didnt happen (just wanna see how ugly were talkin)