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Thinking: My arch-nemesis

2010-03-09 21:19:40 by Rottenberry

I guess this is what they call growing up but I find myself caught in the most pointless circles of thought over the most miniscule things.

For example:

Whilst texting a sexy lady from my University
THOUGHT: "Oh ho man with this clever text she will have no choice but to make sweet love to me"
"Oh shit oh shit oh shit that wasn't funny at all, she probably thinks I'm too obsessive, oh fuck what if she thinks I'm perverted or something, gay?, IT'S BEEN 5 MINUTES WHY ISN'T SHE RESPONDING, Damn it I should just refrain from texting people in general, DO OTHER PEOPLE WAIT THIS LONG FOR RESPONSES?!"
SEXY CHICK RESPONDS: "Hahahahaha omg!"
THOUGHT: "I AM SO IN, SHE SO DIGS ME. Oh god but maybe it's all mindgames, maybe she's just fucking with me?! No I am so in that was genuine laughter fuck yes! Kick ass!"

Yeah so it might be a TAD exxagerated but that my general thought process on days when I'm feeling down in the funk.


So as I said before, FUCK THINKING.


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